Commonly Used and Commonly Forgotten Chords

Brkt []
Pren ()
Frkt {}
PLN <>

TRRL left tic `Blah-blah
TR*RL right tic Blah-blah`

For the above, the right side is stroked with *

Left quote  kw-gs "blah-blah
Right quote kr-gs blah-blah"

: with space after stph-fplt
:with no space after kl-n :::
$ D-M
$ D-FPL without a preceding space
@ yat
; two bottom rows plus *
; {^;^} SK-N
& sp-nd (ps-nd or amPerSaND)
&& sphand/sphand
% pers
* sta*r
* bl-et has the space after it
! with space skram or left side and top right side
+ pl*us space after -  next letter lowercase
+ bl*t space after - next letter uppercase
\ skph*
^ kr-rt
| PAO*EUP p*Ipe
~ T*ILD or TIL/DA - no space after
- bl-t dash with space after
- h-n dash (hyphen) with no space after
** ph-fpls no space after
kl-rd capitalize last Word
= kw-l
== kw-ls

******editing commands******
"TK*HR": "{#Delete}"
"H*D": "{#Escape}",
"KHR-BS": "{#Control_L(BackSpace)}",
"PW*FP": "{#Control_L(BackSpace)},

"R*R": "{#Return}{^}"
"KPHR": "{^}{#Return}{^}{-|}"
"R-R": "{^\n^}{-|}",
"TPHEPBT": "{#Return}",
"STPR-R": "{#shift(return)}{^}",
"STPR": "{#shift(return)}{^}",
"TA*B": "{#Tab}{^}",
"TA*EUB": "{#Shift_L(Tab)}"
*****end editing commands*****

"R*UPB": "{^_^}",
"H-PB": "{^-^}",
"RUPBD": "{^_^}",
"H-*PB": "{^_^}",
"TK-RB": "{^--^}",

"KHR-BLG": "{*<}", all caps last word
"KHR-FLT": "{*?}", retrospectively insert space
"KHR-LD": "{*>}", toggle capital on last word
"KHR-PBD": "{>}", forces the first letter of the next word lowercase
"KHR-RD": "{*-|}", capitalize last word
"KHR-RLS": "{*+}", repeat last stroke
"#": "{*+}", repeat last stroke
"KHR-RPLS": "{*!}", delete last space
"KHR-TS": "{*}",  toggles the *.

"KHR-PSZ": "{MODE:SET_SPACE:}", (Zet SPace)


Kell Willsen said…
Thank you for this! I've learned most of the word-based sounds and briefs I need, and can always resort to spelling if I get stuck, but punctuation and editing commands have me reaching for my book all the time.

Now I can just print off this post and put it beside my keyboard. So much easier!