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A New ErgoDox

I originally chose the EZ because I wanted a keyboard that would let me switch between QWERTY and Plover, and would let me adjust it for different ergonomics on different days.
Knowing that the EZ was the keyboard that would best meet my needs, I spent most of my energy deciding which switches would give the best experience for both Plover and QWERTY. I decided on the Kailh Speed Silver switches. These activate quickly, though they use a heavier spring than the Gateron Whites that I’m used to.

Part I: Fast Delivery and Impressive Packaging

It took less than two weeks from the order date until it arrived at my door. Notice that it came without keycaps.

This saved a few dollars, and the time required to pull the stock keycaps and replace with with G20s.

It’s hard to read in the picture, but this is v. 3 of the ErgoDox EZ

I ordered this one without the tenting pegs. They’re visually appealing, but I have them on my first EZ and never use them.

Part II:  The Firmware One of the benefits of us…

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